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Economy ( from €20/day )

Volkswagen Polo Profile
from €30.00 Please select date range.
from €25.00 Please select date range.
from €25.00 Please select date range.
from €25.00 Please select date range.
Skoda-Fabia-Profile 22
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from €20.00 Please select date range.
from €20.00 Please select date range.
from €20.00 Please select date range.

Standard ( from €40/day )

from €45.00 Please select date range.
from €45.00 Please select date range.
from €40.00 Please select date range.
from €45.00 Please select date range.

Сomfort 7+ seats ( from €45/day )

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from €45.00 Please select date range.
from €60.00 Please select date range.
from €60.00 Please select date range.

Free Pick up & Return Locations

Ljubljana Ulica Cubceve brigade 600 in Slovenia


Parking on Ulica Gubčeve brigade, 1000 Ljubljana

pick up rental car in Izola rentacarslo


Parking near Špar on Prešernova cesta 49, 6310 Izola

..and other paid locations that you will see and can choose during the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay in cash or by card upon receipt of the car, make advance payment on an invoice from a company or individual, pay online by payment link.

A deposit of 100 euros in cash is left, which is returned upon delivery of the car clean and with fuel, a full tank is issued. RENTACARSLO reserves the right to change the size unilateral deposit.

Yes, a credit card is not required to rent a car at RENTACARSLO.

When using a car inside Slovenia, the mileage is unlimited, when driving abroad by negotiation, usually between 200 and 500 km per day.

You can get a car in our car pick-up points. In Ljubljana and Izola – see Pickup Location. You can order delivery of the car to your address, the service is paid, the cost is calculated upon request.
For example, delivery to Ljubljana airport 40 euros, a budget option if you return to Ljubljana with our employee – 25 euros.

The number of days is considered a day, 24 hours from the moment the car was issued, upon the occurrence of the following 24 hours is considered the next day. Excess is paid extra.

Our cars are allowed to travel outside the border of the Republic of Slovenia, you just need agree with us which countries the trip is planned to and we will make a corresponding note in the lease agreement. Traveling outside the border of the Republic of Slovenia without consent is prohibited.

To confirm the reservation, it is enough to make an advance payment of 30% of the rental price. In case of cancellation of the reservation or non-arrival at the agreed time and place without additional agreement, the prepayment is non-refundable, the term and amount of the lease are not changed.

You can return the car before the deadline specified in the contract by prior agreed, payment for unused days is non-refundable, unless such return is agreed in advance.

No, without prior agreement and written confirmation, a fine of 70 is withheld euros from the amount of the deposit, plus an additional charge for the rental time in excess of that specified in contract.

The cost of car rental includes standard basic insurance – liability to other road users and Green Card – insurance abroad of the Republic of Slovenia, additional coating of glass and mirrors. When renting a car for more than 7 days, you can take out additional CASCO insurance, the cost is from 9 to 13 euros per day, depending on the selected vehicle. Franchise from 350 to 550 euros.

Yes, the second driver fits in free of charge by prior agreement!

Yes, in this case you can rent a car with an additional CASCO insurance and a deposit of 100 euros plus the deductible.

No, our cars are rented with vignettes, there is no additional charge.

All our vehicles undergo timely Maintenance and Technical Inspection. Our warranty does not cover the condition of the vehicle’s tires (cuts, punctures, etc.), a rechargeable battery, external and internal lighting bulbs (dipped-beam bulbs and long-range external lighting, the driver must be able to change independently, cars equipped with spare kits), level and availability of fuel during car operation.

In the event of a car breakdown, we provide all possible technical support from RENTACARSLO, also our cars have additional technical assistance. In case of a car breakdown due to its natural wear and tear, such assistance is provided free of charge if the malfunction occurs as a result of a violation of the operating conditions with the tenant’s side – paid by the tenant additionally.

Yes, for an additional payment by prior agreement.

The lease agreement can be downloaded here.

Our Benefits That We Offer

Why is it profitable to rent a car from us?

No blocking funds

We don’t block your money in a bank account. You just leave a deposit in cash.

Unlimited mileage

You can travel around Slovenia without a mileage limitation.

Travelling abroad

If you travel abroad, tell us the countries you are visiting in advance and they will be included in our agreement.

No fees for 2nd driver

We will not charge extra for additional driver.

How to get a car step by step

Just follow the simple instructions. If you still have questions, then read the FAQ  or contact us.

Choose a car, specify the dates and desired options (pick up and return location, baby seat etc) and send us an order.

We will contact you to reserve the car

In order to confirm your reservation you can make a 30% advance payment. You can pay the car rental upon receipt in cash or by card. 

What People Say

Анастасия Серпенко
Odlični servis, ustrezne cene in profesionalizem v odnosu do strank. Dvakrat smo si izposodili za 5-6 dni cabriolet Mini Cooper in Peugeot 207 Tako da koristimo sami in priporočamo drugim. P.S. Hvala!
Все прошло отлично. Арендовал за все время отпуска два авто:пежо 7ми местный и кабриолет мини купер. Авто без нареканий, соответствовали описанию. Спасибо! Рекомендую!
Наталья Притулина
Отличный сервис. Все условия заранее рассказали, всё объяснили, при сдаче автомобиля никаких "неожиданностей" не было. Машина в хорошем состоянии со всеми необходимыми документами. Ребята молодцы, спасибо!

Cheaper in Winter!

Rent a car from 12 €/day *

Is it possible to rent cheaper? Yes, this Winter it is it possible! The number of cars participating in the promotion is limited.  Read detailed information about lease terms and mileage restrictions at the link below. Or contact us by phone +386 31550733  


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