Rental Rules

rental rules in Slovenia
  1. Cash settlement upon receipt of a car, or by bank transfer. A deposit of 100 euros is left in cash, which is returned when the car is returned clean and with fuel, a full tank is issued. Or you can pay for a car wash additionally. Some models have mileage restrictions. Rentacarslo d.o.o. reserves the right to change the size of the deposit unilaterally.
  2. The car pick-up centers are located in Ljubljana and in Izola. You can order the delivery of the car to your address, the service is paid, the cost is calculated upon request. Delivery to Ljubljana airport 40 euros, Ljubljana railway station 15 euros.
  3. The number of days is considered to be days, 24 hours from the moment the car was issued, when the next 24 hours come, the next day is considered. The excess is paid additionally.
  4. Our cars are allowed to travel abroad the Republic of Slovenia, you just need to warn us about this and we will make a corresponding note in the rental agreement. When traveling outside of Slovenia, the mileage limit is 500 km per day, the excess is charged at 10 cents per 1 km.
  5. To confirm the booking, it is enough to make an advance payment of 30% of the rental price In case of cancellation of booking or non-arrival at the agreed time and place without additional agreement, the prepayment is not refundable, the term and amount of the rent does not change.
  6. The rental price includes Liability insurance (or Third Party Only Insurance in UK) – liability to other road users and Green Card – insurance abroad of the Republic of Slovenia. When renting a car for more than 7 days, you can take out additional insurance, the price is from 12 to 16 euros per day, depending on the chosen car. The franchise is from 350 to 550 euros.
  7. All our vehicles undergo timely Maintenance and Technical Inspection. Our warranty does not apply to the condition of the car tires (cuts, punctures, etc.), the battery, external and internal lighting bulbs (the driver must be able to change the near and far external lighting bulbs on his own, the cars are equipped with spare kits), the level and availability of fuel during operation car.
    The rental agreement can be downloaded from the link.
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