no credit card v1 in Slovenia

How to rent a car without a credit card? Is it possible to rent a car with cash? These questions are frequently asked by customers, especially Russian citizens whose cards are not accepted in Europe due to sanctions.

International rental companies always require customers to have a credit card for rental payments and deposit blocking. Since Russian banks are under sanctions, tourist cards don’t work within the EU, making it impossible to rent a car. Using a credit card from acquaintances within the EU is also not an option, as rental agencies verify that the credit card owner’s information matches the driver’s data upon car pickup.

Our company offers a solution. We don’t require a credit card for deposit confirmation when making rental payments. Rentacarslo accepts various payment methods for car rentals:

  • cash
  • bank transfer
  • card payments (credit card or debit card).
payment with cash in Slovenia

When paying with a card or through a transfer, Rentacarslo doesn’t require the payer’s data or credit card information to match the driver’s data.

Additionally, no card is needed for deposit blocking. In our rental service, deposits are left in cash, ranging from 100 to 500 euros depending on the car model.

You can rent cars in cash and without a credit card in Slovenia, Venice, Trieste, Rijeka, Pula, Zagreb, and other cities.

Rentacarslo will deliver the car to your preferred location, with cash payment upon car receipt.

pick up rental car in Izola rentacarslo

Rent a car in Izola

We provide cars for rent in Izola (Slovenia), the pick-up location is in the parking lot next to the shopping center Špar. The car is available within an hour, price from 25 euros per day.

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