Skoda Rapid





Large bag



6L/100 km


Exterior Colorsilver

Engine Capacity66 kW

Interior Colorblack

Fuel Typesdiesel


Air Conditionertrue




Škoda rapid. Diesel, consumes 6 liters per 100 km., automatic transmission. The car has five doors and the truck that contains 3 cases. The car supports CD, MP3, BT…
We accept payments in cash,  bank transfer or by payment link. The deposit of 100 euro in cash is returned if the car is returned clean and with the full tank. The car is issued with the full tank. You may have to pay extra 20 euro if the car is returned dirty

Rent price:
• 6 days and more than 30 € / day;
• 4-5 days 35€ / day;
• 3 days 40 € / day;
• 2 days 45 € / day;
• 1 day 50 € / day.
The prices in the description are for the low season from 11.09 to 19.12 and from 16.01 to 24.05. Enter the desired date and time for picking up/returning the car, the site will automatically calculate the rental cost. You can also choose the place where the car will be delivered to the desired location or write the address in the comments

Following for FREE:

No credit card fees
Liability Insurance
Local taxes
from €30.00 €30 - €65
Pick-up time *
Drop-off time
Pick-up time
Pick-up location
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Drop-off time
Drop-off location
Do you need other return location? write to us!
Transfer cost: €
Transfer cost: €
Additional Options:
Total: €

Important Information

Opening hours & rates

Working hours from 8 am to 7 pm. The cost of delivery and return is valid for working hours. If you have not found the right address or you need delivery outside of working hours write to us and we will calculate the delivery or return of the car to the right address at the right time.


When renting a car in Slovenia, a deposit in cash is left. The deposit is returned when the car is delivered clean, with fuel (a full tank is issued), at a set time

How to calculate the number of days?

The number of days is calculated in 24 hour periods, 24 hours from the moment the car was issued, upon the occurrence of the following 24 hours is considered the next day. Excess is paid extra.

Can I return the car later than the date and time specified in the contract?

No, without prior agreement and written confirmation, a fine of 70 is withheld euros from the amount of the deposit, plus an additional charge for the rental time in excess of that specified in contract.

How can I book a car?

To confirm the reservation, it is enough to make an advance payment of 30% of the rental price. In case of cancellation of the reservation or non-arrival at the agreed time and place without additional agreement, the prepayment is non-refundable, the term and amount of the lease are not changed.

How many km is the mileage limit?

When using a car inside Slovenia, the mileage is unlimited, outside Slovenia mileage limit is 500 km per day.

Can I travel outside of Slovenia with a rented car?

Our cars are allowed to travel outside the border of the Republic of Slovenia, you just need agree with us which countries the trip is planned


What insurance is included in the rental price?

The cost of car rental includes standard basic insurance – liability to other road users and Green Card – insurance abroad of the Republic of Slovenia, additional coating of glass and mirrors.

What about additional CASCO insurance?

When renting a car for more than 7 days, you can take out additional CASCO insurance, the cost is from 12 to 22 euros per day, depending on the selected vehicle. Franchise from 350 to 550 euros.

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