In Slovenia, there is a toll system called “vinjeta” that applies to all motor vehicles on highways and expressways. There are three types of vinjeta: weekly, monthly, and annual. The prices for 2023 are 15 euros for a weekly, 30 euros for a monthly, and 110 euros for an annual vinjeta.

Update. From June 14, 2023, the price of vignettes will increase by approximately 7%. Now the price for 1 week, 1 month and hour will be accordingly 16, 32  and 117,5 euros.


You can purchase a vinjeta at petrol stations, post offices, and other locations throughout Slovenia, as well as online. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to have a valid vignettes when driving on highways and expressways in Slovenia.

Driving without a valid vinjeta can result in a fine of up to 800 euros. It’s important to note that there are no toll booths on the highways and expressways in Slovenia, so the only way to enforce this system is through police checks and cameras.

We have a good news for you!

Vignettes for driving on Slovenian roads on Rentacarslo cars are provided free of charge, no additional payment is required!

But to travel on the roads of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, you will need vignettes of these countries, you can buy them at gas stations before crossing the border, in Italy and Croatia roads are paid on the highway, and the price depends on how many kilometers you travel there.

You can calculate the fare on toll roads on this website viamichelin.com

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