Fuel in Slovenia: how to save money

Fuel in Slovenia

What Slovenian’s gas station has the cheapest gasoline prices? 

There are several gas station chains in Slovenia, including Petrol, MOL, OMV, and Shell. However, it doesn’t matter which chain you use to fill up your car with gasoline. In fact, starting June 21, 2022, the prices of oil products in Slovenia will be partially regulated. The state will regulate the prices of 95-octane and diesel fuels at gas stations outside of highways and expressways, while the prices of petroleum products on highways and expressways will be liberalized. To check the prices of petroleum products at individual gas stations, you can use the AMZS mobile application.

However, how can you save money?

Tips #1. If you’re planning a trip abroad with Rentacarslo, we recommend refueling in Slovenia since, according to statistics, fuel is cheaper there than in neighboring countries.

You can check and compare the cost of gasoline in neighboring countries at these links:

Avstrija: www.bp.com, www.spritpreisrechner.at 
Italija: www.prezzibenzina.it
Croatia: cijenegoriva.info, mzoe-gor.hr

Tips #2. Additionally, fuel is cheaper in cities within Slovenia, as opposed to gas stations located along highways. On the highway, the price for 95-octane gasoline is nearly 20% more expensive, so when you fill up a full tank of your car at a gas station in the city, you can save up to 20-30 euros. You can check the prices for gasoline and diesel along your route on the website goriva.si.

“Can I pay for gas without leaving my car?”

Yes, if you download the Na poti app from Petrol and have a Petrol club card, which you can create right in the app.

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